Ways To Make Your Home Feel Like A Vacation Spot

Owning a Vacation Home is a dream of most people.   In fact, most of us dream of simply renting one. But what is it about these homes that relax us the minute we step inside?

Most likely, it’s because the owners chose home décor that makes them clean, bright, and welcoming. All the necessities are at your fingertips, with not a bit of clutter in sight — no loads of laundry, stack of mail, “put away” piles or endless “to do lists.”

Before you can make your home feel like a vacation spot you  need to remove or hide everything that makes it feel like there’s work to be done. We realize that’s not always an easy task, but isn’t your happiness worth the work?

 Easy Steps To Treat Yourself Like A Guest In Your Own Home

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Rear view of a woman relaxing sitting on a couch with the hands on the head and looking outdoors

1) Turn your bedroom into a hotel room experience

How can you get that “ahhhh” feeling when you open your bedroom door? First, remember that it is a bedroom — a place to rest, relax, and feel calm. It’s not an office, workout room, or laundry room. Try to pare down furniture and clear off dressers and bedside tables to only hold what is necessary.

If needed, trade nightstands for those with drawer space or cabinet doors that can hide night-time clutter.

Use a soothing paint color for the walls and simplify bed coverings to soft shades or solid white. Invest in the softest sheets you can find. Remember, you spend a third of your life in bed.

It would be nice if housekeeping would come in daily and tidy up. But it really doesn’t take that long to make a bed and put clothes away. A made bed makes the whole room look put together and soothes the mind. It also invites you to come back later for a nap.

If possible, open windows to let in some fresh air, or increase your window space with a Bay or Bow window to take advantage of a view. Add a ceiling fan to make the most of the air while the soft whir gently lulls you to sleep. If you want to be extra nice, treat yourself and your roommate to a piece of chocolate on the pillow.

2) Turn your bathroom into a spa experience

You might have to lock the door to achieve it, but make your bathroom experience one that is devoted to you and your happiness. If the countertop is cluttered with medicines and personal hygiene products, tuck them away in a drawer, makeup bag, or covered basket. Save the space for niceties like soaps, bath salts, or a pretty plant. (If you have room in the shower, ferns love the moist environment.)

Treat yourself to a new set of fluffy towels, a new bathmat, and a new robe. Attach a lighted magnifying mirror to the wall to ease makeup prep. Then, consider adding a dimmer to your overhead lighting to soften the mood for an evening soak in the tub. Grab a scented candle, a bathtub tray, a book, and a glass of champagne, and voila, you’re off to a vacation of the mind in resort style.

3) Create a mini oasis

Make the most of whatever outdoor space you have by treating it like the inside of your home by breaking it up into rooms. If possible, create an outdoor dining area, an entertaining area, and a cooking area.

Think about your surroundings as wall art. Where would you like to focus attention? Direct your seating area to take in the view, or put up a dividing wall or trellis to hide unsightly areas. And potted plants can make any space feel fresh and lush.

Make sure your outdoor furniture is comfortable. There’s nothing like a lounge chair to give you that resort feel. Then, add pillows and throws that invite you to linger outside, and create a small bar area with an ice bucket and a fruit-infused water dispenser.

You can also stock your bar to make cocktails or mocktails and serve them in fun or fancy glasses. Play a little calypso or reggae music for vacation vibes. Or maybe just clear a spot for yourself and a cup of chamomile tea. Make sure patio doors are clean and the areas around them, both inside and out, are welcoming. The view through the door should invite people to go outside and relax. If your kitchen is adjacent to the patio, consider replacing a double-hung window with a sliding window and an outdoor shelf as a pass-through for entertaining.

Outdoor lighting can set a relaxed mood, whether it be from string lights, solar lighting, festive tiki torches, or a mesmerizing fire pit. Now, just add water. Water features, including elaborate koi ponds, cascading fountains, or even a simple wall-hanging fountain, can produce the soothing ambiance you’re looking for.

4) Find your resting space

Find the spot that really allows you to put your feet up and chill.   It could be a chaise lounge in the den or a sunny window seat. Or perhaps the outdoors calls you to a a lounge chair on the patio. Wherever you go to chill, a few minutes of peace & serenity can be a mini-vacation on any day.

Whatever feeling of Zen you’re looking to achieve in your house, Ecoview Windows of Long Island will help you get there. We can suggest product options and provide you with a free estimate that includes worry-free installation. Backed by many years of experience, you can trust our personalized & local service. Contact Ecoview Windows of Long Island or call us at  (631) 538 –  4731.

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