The 10 Richest Communities In Long Island

Is Long Island for the rich?

It depends. Some areas of Long Island have moderately priced homes with income levels comparative with the rest of America. Other areas in Long Island, like those listed in our blog, represent the wealthiest towns.

This article will outline the areas that are the wealthiest and most affluent on our Island. We encourage you to look at each carefully to see if it fits your lifestyle.

Brookville, NY

Brookville is a small village on Long Island’s Nassau County. Located in the Town of Oyster Bay, Brookvilles residents tend to be well educated with 77% holding at least one college degree and 29 seniors out 100 graduating from high school! The average household income hovers around $250k+ making this place only less wealthy than its larger neighboring towns like Hempstead or Huntington Station which have median values over two million dollars each according to census data collected between 2013-2015. it’s not surprising that the median household income here exceeds $250 thousand dollars! it’s not surprising that the median household income here exceeds $250 thousand dollars!

Sands Point, NY

The people of Sands Point are some the wealthiest and most educated on Long Island. They have a median household income greater than $250,000 which is higher than almost any other town or city in Nassau County! The poverty level here with just 1%. Property prices for homes can be costly but there’s no shortage when it comes to amazing scenery as these properties often come equipped with ocean views too boot.

Plandome, NY

Plandome is home to some of the wealthiest residents on Long Island. Located in North Hempstead, a small village with just 1448 people – 84% have at least one bachelor’s degree or higher! P locate here enjoy high property prices too- median household income exceedst $250k means they’re not short changed when it comes time buy their next piece o’ real estate either; properties are primarily owned by individuals who live within town limits rather than renters like you might find elsewhere around this part o’the country (99%).

Lloyd Harbor, NY

Lloyd Harbor is a picturesque village situated on the North Shore of Long Island. With an influx of high-end, wealthy residents who can afford to live there full time thanks in part due its median household income greater than $250k and expensive real estate prices around town – this quaint hamlet has become one many people’s dream homes!

Woodsburgh, NY

Woodsburgh is a Village on Long Island’s Nassau County. With an 897 population and 83% college-educated residents, it’s no surprise that Woodsburgh has one of the highest median household incomes in all of New York State – at $250K+. The town also boast low poverty rates (3%) combined with high property values ($1,510,900). Owner occupied homes make up 97 out 100 housing units here while only 2 percent are rentals.\\

Mill Neck, NY

Mill Neck is a quaint, wealthy village on Long Island with only 1,054 residents. Located North Shore of the island and in Nassau County it’s home to many well educated people who have degrees from both public schools as private universities alike 78% hold bachelor’s degrees or higher which makes this community even more elite than before!

A median household income ($243k)and low poverty level (.3%) show just how prosperous things really are for those living here,

Oyster Bay Cove, NY

Oyster Bay Cove is one of the wealthiest areas on Long Island. Located in Nassau County’s Town of Oyster, it is home to a small population of 2265. Oyster Bay Cove residents are well educated with 73.2% of residents having a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Oyster Bay Cove has one of the highest median household income in Long Island, with a median household income of $225,385. This wealthy Long Island town has an almost non-existent poverty level of 0.6%. Not surprising, property prices in Oyster Bay Cove are also high with a median home value of $1,378,700. Not surprising property prices are also high considering this towns’ proximity from New York City which can be seen by looking around any part of this area. The homes in Oyster Bay Cove are primarily owner-occupied 96.10% with only 3.90% rentals. Oyster Bay Cove residents live a good work-life balance with a short commute time of 35.7.

East Hills, NY

East Hills is a hamlet on Long Island’s North Shore. It has 7284 residents and the median income per household stands at $224583, which makes it one of Nassau County’s wealthiest towns; not surprising given its proximity to NYC (just 45 minutes away). And while you might think that all this affords Easthillians luxuries like high-end shopping districts & boutiques or exclusive schools–think again because there aren’t any! The poverty level here? Just 1%.

Old Westbury, NY

Long island is one of the most popular destinations for people looking to live in proximity to New York City. And although it’s not as expensive or crowded, there are still plenty opportunities if you have money on hand! One such place would be Old Westbury which has been ranked among some of LIP’s wealthiest villages including being considered both wealthy and educated with 75%+ adults holding bachelor degrees – something that makes this community even more unique compared other places around Long Island.

Muttontown, NY

Muttontown is located on Long Island’s North Shore, and it has one of the highest concentrations of the wealthy per capita in America. The village features well-educated residents who average $212K annually with 70% holding bachelor degrees or higher! Additionally 4 out 5 homes are owner occupied which shows how prosperous this town really is compared to the rest of the U.S.

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